Back Again

Had a couple of extra dollars burning a hole in my pocket so I went to visit guess who? Yup, another few hours spent on the back job, mainly in the tender areas over the lower back. The colour is hard to see in the lotus, it will look better in a few days.


Anyone notice the latest inclusion?

All new work by Glenn at Tattoo Tears, Caringbah, NSW

And before I forget, Get your asses to the Sydney Tattoo Expo (was great last year)…

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Top and Tail

Latest bit of work on what is turning into a huge back piece. Managed to get the head coloured and started work on the rocks and lotus at the bottom. There is not a lot of meat above the spine down there and it took a little while to settle down. Still a long way to go…

Tiger Tattoo

Some lower back action

As usual, great work by Glen Middleton at Tattoo Tears in Caringbah




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Purrty Colours

A couple of days since the last sitting and the colours are really starting to show through. The yellow will be very bright.

One draw-back of being tattooed on the back is that it is difficult to look after, You cant reach everywhere to wash or rub in the cream.


Outstanding Ink by Glenn Middleton

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Colour Me a Tiger

Three weeks dragged on but I finally got back to the shop and Glen started putting the colour in the fur. Came out unbelievably good – he has blended five colours to make the orange shine like that.

Tiger Tattoo

Three hours of blended color

Next up the head and then we can concentrate on the background – all bamboo and smoke and a small hare to taunt the tiger.

Gotta say that the area over the Kidneys tickles!

Awesome work as usual by Glenn Middleton at Tattoo Tears, Caringbah.

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Tiger Stripes

Tiger Stripes

Spent a “Boring” couple of hours getting the Black Stripes filled in on the Tiger.

There is still a lot of black to go in…

Tiger Tattoo Outline

Work by Glenn Middleton at TattooTears Caringbah, NSW.

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The Next Phase

So, on to phase 2 of the master plan: Traditional Style Japanese Tiger – we will tie this into the Dragon. Also got to fill the empty space at bottom right (Bamboo me thinks).

Like a Tiger

Next up some color – I prefer the shader, although the outline has to be thickened – ouch!

Awesome work as usual by Glenn Middleton at Tattoo Tears, Caringbah.

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The Full McCoy

Full sleeve, Shoulder and half-chestI haven’t posted for a couple of months, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been spending a few more hours with my favourite tattoo artist. The Samurai is done, unfortunately my ‘massive’ chest didnt like the shader so much and there are a couple of spots that need touching up, but nothing major. Dragon is complete, with the area around it left pretty much open to future expansion 🙂

Only thing left to do is the wrist, but that will have to wait until after a trip to Coolum (Qld).

All up I am pretty happy with the outcome, and I think Glenn Middleton at TattooTears in Caringbah has done a sterling job.

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