Fresh Wabbit

Fresh Wabbit

A little something cute to balance the tiger…

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3 Responses to Fresh Wabbit

  1. john fraser says:

    well nice wabbit andy, starting to really come together now , wait till its finished it will be a master piece, i still reckon th rabbits fucked th tiger will get him hehehhe.have a great day bro keep me posted about work can ya cheers

  2. john fraser says:

    fuckin jordy, has just givin me a challenge, he said andy has more tattoos than me and i guess hes rite FOR NOW. have to pull my finger out hehehehehehh

    • sadisticus says:

      Tell Jordy that if he gets a part-time job you can catch me easy! Say gidday to the boys for me. I told Glenn that Jacko has worn the Tattoo Tears T-shirt to death.

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