Geisha and Koi – Day 5 (20/1/2012) – Now with a Dragon!

Ok, so day 5 comes around and I have been thinking about the overall picture. I have decided that the design needs a dragon (Koi turns into Dragon?) and so, instead of spending the afternoon having the water shaded, I asked Glenn if he could incorporate a smallish dragon across my shoulder with his snout about level with my collar bone. This allows us to complete the picture with a samurai on my chest…

Dragon Outline 2.5 Hrs

Dragon - Arm Continued

There is a small drawback to having your back to the tattooist while getting work done. My “smallish” dragon seems to have grown a bit – Looks sick doesn’t it? Gotta figure out the colours now.

Seems I am now in for quite a few more hours in the chair. Such is life!

Next session is 3rd February (3 Hours)

Work by Glenn at Tattoo Tears in Caringbah, NSW

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2 Responses to Geisha and Koi – Day 5 (20/1/2012) – Now with a Dragon!

  1. Laura says:

    dragon looks cool, size of it looks in proportion (from the pics at least) with the rest though.
    And as for the drain on the wallet…think of it as an investment!
    can’t wait to see the results of day 6

  2. ouija board says:

    tattoo expo! wtf I wish I could of gone with sammwich..but no stuck here /: wacksauce

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