Back from WA

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Just went to WA for a short holiday.

Met the folks in Mandurah – small town south of Perth on the Peel Inlet. We stayed in some fantastic accommodation at Seashells Resort and a fine time was had by everyone. Some photos are posted below so those that haven’t been there can drool with envy.

Sunset on the Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean Sunset

Infinity Pool - Seashells Resort MandurahTooled around Mandurah for a couple of days, did the river cruise deal and saw some of the awesome properties that have been built on the canals. Who said there was a GFC in WA? Did a day in Fremantle before picking up a hire car. Was quite disappointed in the place, although getting Shirley into the stocks at the Roundhouse was a bonus! We then took a day trip down the coast to Bunbury for lunch and the trip back inland. Was good.

The day at Rottnest (“Rats Nest”) Island was very relaxing. A bus trip around the island to see some of the most beautiful beaches and a climb up the lighthouse was excellent. A big lunch washed down with a beer set the scene for the afternoon, however, as the folks were a little under the weather we opted for a guided tour to see the famous “Rats”, Quokkas.

After 5 days in Mandurah, we headed north to the Perth beach side suburb of Scarborough. The accommodation was not as good as Mandurah, but as you can see from the sunset shot in the slide show above, it was a prime location. We saw some typical behaviour for the area – Meth-Heads fighting in the gutter and an English tourist kicking the shit out of his passed-out mate at the taxi rank. Bogan-ville. Oh, the beer was cold so all was good.

Just up the coast about an hours drive is the Yanchep National Park, so we went up there for a look. Grey Kangaroos, Galahs, Koalas and lizards all on view. The highlight was going down into the Crystal Caves, 13 meters underground and viewing the formations made by water seeping through the limestone. There were literally thousands of stalagmites and stalactites all over the joint. These things take many thousands of years to grow and have some very interesting shapes and colours which were well-lit and the whole tour was very informative. Unfortunately, the lowering of the WA aquifer, due to drought, industry, and population growth has meant that the caves were essentially dry, where an underground river should flow, and this was a bit of a bummer. Although, water was still seeping into the caves, ensuring the continued growth of the crystals.

The more adventurous can get on their bellies and crawl through cracks and stuff. Way cool.

Nativity Scene…..                                       and cool, ancient Stalagtites.

Oh course we had a crap flight home, moaning wench in the seat next to me (no,…not Shirl!), and then a looooong wait for a cab meant we didn’t get home until nearly midnite Sunday and I had a 4:30 wakeup call…Oh Shit!

Anyhoo, back at work now. At least there’s only 6 weeks until Christmas. 🙂

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