August Already!

Time has flown this year – what with pressure at work, travel for weddings and starting a course at UTS things have been hectic:

First up. Sheree and Dave’s wedding(s). First episode was at a small church in Bexley. Very nice service, everyone looked great. Bride had to collect wallet from police station (in full regalia) on the way to the service after having lost it during breakfast that morning. Pity I couldn’t get a picture.

(Here’s one of Shirl looking gorgeous) (Sheree, Dave, and Dave’s Folks)

The reception was at the Sixteen Foot Sailing Club at San Souci – I sat with the “Couzies” and got pissed and had a great time.


The Second episode was at a small community on the East Coast of New Zealand called Anaura Bay:


Great Diving!

The service was held on a beach at the local Marae and we all ate hangi and seafood and drank and sang late into the night. Sleeping in the communal sleeping house is an experience everyone should have once in their life – the Aussie visitors were wide-eyed! I was severely hung over in the morning – took two meat pies and a large Steinlager to feel normal again. The weather was awesome the whole time and we really didn’t want to come home. The flight to Auckland was great, the views are awesome over the central North Island. We spent a couple of days with the folks on the farm before winging back to Australia.

The Footie Season has been interesting – the Chiefs nearly did it in the Super 14 but fell short. I don’t hold much hope for Counties-Manukau in the NPC. Rugby League doesn’t hold my attention these days although the second half of the last State of Origin was good. Went to a Charity Auction on the Central Coast in early July – a number of the Roosters RL team were there as special guests – history shows that they acted like “typical League players”. While I didn’t witness first hand any unsavoury incidents, Willy Mason and Nate Miles both showed why they are held in disdain while answering questions on the stage.

On a better note, Shirl and I attended a Cancer Council fundraiser this weekend and had a great time. Entertainment was by “The Three Waiters” – a comedy opera group who had us in stitches and rapturous applause. Auction items included signed footie jumpers, QANTAS flight simulator rides, sailing trips and a host of other great items. A heap of money was raised. Pity I had to get up for work at 5:00 am in the morning. The tiredness and hangover were well worth it.


  • Tri-Nations Rugby
  • Top Gear


  • Blackwater – Jeremy Scahill
  • SQL Bible: Second Edition – Kriegel and Trukhonov

Listening to:

  • Monster Magnet
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