The Beginning….

I am a Kiwi in Australia. I have some very strong, mostly unfounded opinions (US politics is a financial black hole that produces nothing but cartoon characters, the ‘QANTAS’ Wannabies (I mean Wallabies) are from what country?, NSW Gov couldn’t govern a Hippie Convention, Greenpeace and Al Gore both want harpooning, …) I will go on in further entries.

I live to watch the All Blacks play and have been blessed to have attended a couple of Bledislow Cup matches in Sydney, however, you can be guaranteed to get me on the phone at home most times the AB’s are playing where I will be soundly abusing the ref (no matter his nationality), I attended a world cup 1/4 final at the Sydney Rugby World Cup and have been to numerous NRL Grand Finals and State of Origin matches – SPORT IS KING, and Rugby Union is his maker. Super 14’s rock too.
I work long hours for a large manufacturing company where my speciality is chemical formulating and purchasing logistics. I program in C# and VB.NET for something to stimulate the brain.
My Advice: Love your Tattoos and be good to you wife and mother.
I am also not tolerant of idiots  – Reap what ye sow.
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2 Responses to The Beginning….

  1. Chelle says:

    At the risk of your ‘I am also not tolerant of idiots – Reap what ye sow’ comment, please expand on the “Greenpeace and Al Gore both want harpooning” remark… Hark! Shark!

    • Admin says:

      The short answer: I had a run-in with Greenpeace regarding my work before the 2000 games. They acted like dicks.

      However, I do applaud their direct action in the Southern Ocean.

      The “Truth” has been “convenient” for Gore’s back pocket.


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